Everybody wants to feel safe while driving, that’s why car insurance is such an important tool for our personal and economic health. Although getting insured can be pricey depending on where you live, you might want some tips to spend your money smartly, so you can be relaxed while you drive, and while you pay. Here you have five tips to save some money next time you acquire car insurance

  1. Take your time and look around: Just like with any important acquisition you make, you should take time to investigate the offerings of every possible company. Insurers will have different options depending on the area you live in, your car, your credit score, and your driving history. There are lots of websites that allow you to compare different companies’ rates quickly, but feel free to personally call or go to different establishments and make your comparisons
  1. Look for a car that’s cheaper to insure: When buying a new car, compare the models you want depending on their insurance rates. Premiums depend a lot on the type of car you wish to insure, so small SUVs, minivans, and bit older models (5 or 6 years old) will be cheaper than brand new cars.

Photo by Maksym Tymchyk on Unsplash

  1. Keep a good credit score: Credit also affects a lot at the moment companies calculate prices. High debts and bad payment history can diminish your chances of getting good insurance rates. That’s why you’ll want to make all your payments in time, keep your credit card limits below their limits, and apply only for credit cards you really need.
  1. Drive smarter and safer: Driving carefully can save your life sometimes (that’s definitely a great reason to do it), but if you need another reason to try it, it can also save your wallet. From on-road accidents to small infractions like driving a bit over the speed limit or not stopping at a stop sign can increase your premiums more than you think. Good drivers can get lower insurance rates; in some places you can even go to driving school and erase an infraction from your driving record. So next time you think about skipping a red light, think about your safety, and also about your money
  1. Get a higher deductible: High deductible sounds like a nightmare to many people, but the truth is that increasing your deductible is one of the easiest ways to save up some money when getting insured. Just make sure to look at the highest cost you could absorb in case of an accident without it being big trouble for you, and put your deductible under that limit, depending on the conditions your insurance provider has established. Make sure to follow tip number 4 (drive carefully) and you should be just fine.

There are a lot more ways to spend less on an insurance policy, but these are five basic tips that can be easily followed and give some of the best results. Next time you’re looking for car insurance, or just got one, take another look at the list and try it out. Remember that every cent counts.